Research Projects

Crowdsourcing Perspectives on Public Policy from Stakeholders

CHI 2019 Extended Abstracts

Personal deliberation, the process through which people can form an informed opinion on social issues,serves an important role in helping citizens construct a rational argument in the public deliberation.However, existing information channels for public policies deliver only few stakeholders’ voices, thusfailing to provide a diverse knowledge base for personal deliberation. This paper presents an initialdesign of PolicyScape, an online system that supports personal deliberation on public policies byhelping citizens explore diverse stakeholders and their perspectives on the policy’s effect. Building onliterature on crowdsourced policymaking and policy stakeholders, we present several design choicesfor crowdsourcing stakeholder perspectives. We introduce perspective-taking as an approach forpersonal deliberation by helping users consider stakeholder perspectives on policy issues. Our initialresults suggest that PolicyScape could collect diverse sets of perspectives from the stakeholders ofpublic policies, and help participants discover unexpected viewpoints of various stakeholder groups.


Class Projects


CS492 Crowdsourcing & Social Computing, Fall 2017

Web service for asking the hidden meaning of mobile conversations


Live interface (In Korean)


CS584 Human-Computer Interaction, Fall 2017

Notification UI for smartwatches with notification grouping



CS374 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction, Spring 2017

Web interface for distributing cooking steps during collaborative cooking



CS408 Computer Science Project, Spring 2017

Smartwatch-based presentation remote


CS496 Entrepreneurship and Immersive Programming Camp, Winter 2016

Browser extension for scrapping web pages & sharing


CS496 Entrepreneurship and Immersive Programming Camp, Winter 2016

Travel planning & itinerary sharing service


CS496 Entrepreneurship and Immersive Programming Camp, Winter 2016

Diary with sentiment analysis